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5/27/2015 : 5:30

Area Zone Meeting in Bukarest 4. september - 6. september 2009

The first official meeting of the U.I.C.H. in Romania came true. The idea was born in Budapest november 2008, when Catalin Malureanu, the new Romanian president asked for help to resurrect the Golden Keys in his country. So Tamas Ungar, Zone Director Central Europe, fixed the meeting.

And what a tremendous success. With care organized and everyone  cordially received, Catalin Malureanu and all his colleagues did everything to arrange an efficient meeting and non forgetable views. 
Michael Romei, General Secretary of U.I.C.H. from New York, Emmanuel Vrettos, 2. Vicepresident of U.I.C.H., Andras Gunst, Comitée Des Ages U.I.C.H., Tamas Ungar, Zone Director from Budapest, Petr Zuzela from Prag, Florian Muigg from Salzburg, Ekatarina Zhuravleva and Michael Hopf from Moskow and Christian Netzle from munich met colleagues well trained and with a lot of enthousiasm and obligation. No doubt about it, a faboulous team is encreasing there.

Many thanks to all general managers for their great support and also to Helen Konstantopoulos for the commitent of HERALD TRIBUNE. We had a great time.


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Stipvisit of Robert Watson in munich

The "brandnew" president of the U.I.C.H., Robert Watson, touched on munich for a short while. Accompanied by his charming wife Paula and her son Brooks, they are on a trip through good old europe.

With a late dinner in Brenner´s restaurant Robert got all new neccessary details about the german chapter and is looking foward welcoming a lot of collegues from us with the next international meeting at Lissabon in Portugal january 2010.